Worshipful Master 2017

Randolph Henderson

The Masters Message - November 2017


The year is fast closing. The fall is in full swing and the world is coming to a point where many things around us are dying. The leaves are falling in ever increasing numbers, the skies are more often draped in low clouds and the animals are preparing for the deepening winter to set in. Soon, all things are going to take a backseat to the joyful days of summer past. But there is hope…hope in a glorious immortality and resurrection. The very things we see in the world all around us. The very things taught in the Greatest Fraternity in the World. The place we call…home. 

By paying attention to those principals we begin to discover that there are great and wholesome truths to be had. Those same leaves that are falling are doing so in BRILLIANT colors! Colors that make the heart sing out in joy at the beauty and glory of it! The clouds above us, holding us down, give way to a most BEAUTIFUL sky! A sky as crisp and clear as to bring gladness to the heart and give lift to the soul! The animals go about their preparations for the coming months with purpose, because they KNOW that the joyful days they have enjoyed are coming back again, but know that now is the time to meditate on the past year, to see how we can make the next one even BETTER!!! 

So brethren, let us do as the animals do. See the joy and gladness of a year well spent, and meditate on it as we prepare for the year ahead. Be ever mindful of the good works we have done together, forging out a reality that is as fulfilling as it is satisfying. Let us give lift to those who come after us, desirous of being made better through action. Lifting not only mind, but the body and spirit. Let us continue to show the light that is Masonry. 



On the Wings of Eagles.

R. Henderson WM