Worshipful Master 2017

Randolph Henderson

The Masters Message - September 2017



   Summer is finally ending. We are back from refreshment and ready to resume our labors in the quarries of masonry. We have a busy schedule ahead and I know we are up to the task. This began with the EA degree last month, and continues with a FC degree this month and a MM degree in October.


  However, with all this “work” ahead, it could be said that the summer ending makes this unenjoyable, really, who wants MORE work? But what we do as masons, making good men better, is not work at all. But rather an occasion for joy and gladness, reminiscent of the oil which was paid as part of the wages of a mason for his labor. This takes what we do far out of the realm of work. It becomes a desire to be of service to your fellow creature, and thereby grow your own character as a result. And then the work, is not work at all.


   Therefore, our participation is more important than ever. We become the example, and that is something that is of far more value than titles or accolades. We have several brothers and petitioners that ar fired up about joining because they look up to us as worthy examples of emulation. As Exemplars. Just as I have learned and grown over the years, so too will they, and I know that the “work ” we put in today, will pay dividends of fellowship tomorrow.


   So, brethren, it is with continued humility that I ask you to continue to labor with me in the quarries, help me build not only our own characters, but the characters of the future leaders of this, OUR great fraternity.


Let us test our mettle.

Let us be weighed and measured.

And let us be found to be standard.


Sincerely and fraternally,


R. Henderson WM 2017


“On the Wings of Eagles”